The Top 25

You’ve waited an extra month now, and in that time we have been busy narrowing our field of competitors down from the initial flock of 57, down to these fine crop of 25 scripts and scribes.

From these 25 we shall reveal our top 13 finalists (at the end of April). From there the following month leads up to the Yorkton Film Festival (#YFF11), May 28th, 2011 where we will announce the top 3 winners and present the 2010/11 Writers Block Crystal, iPad and cash to our grand prize winner.

We should also mention that the top 13 scripts’ scribes will be invited and accredited to attend #YFF11 and participate in the films, forums and of course, the famous lobster blast!

A huge congratulations to all those that made the cut and fingers crossed for those still in the running. There has been a noticeable increase in the quality of submissions this year, which has made the judges selection process that much more difficult to narrow down our finalists this year.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the 2010/11 Canadian Short Screenplay Competition’s 25 Semi-Finalists (in no particular order):

“Rebekka”, Dwayne Brown UK
“Shattered Worlds”, Matthew Layden CAN
“The Ridge to the River”, Edmund Jory AUS
“Sudden Death”, Al Kline USA
“Elijah The Prophet”, Zachary Herrmann USA

“Tubby’s Car Project”, Julian Williams UK
“Chaser Chased”, Daniel Audet CAN
“Hubcap”, William Primrose CAN
“His First Time”, James Martin CAN
“Death & Devotion”, Alexander Flanagan USA

“When The Dust Settles”, Suleiman Wali USA
“The Bone Identity”, Alexandre Lavoie CAN
“The Final Interview of Convicted Murderer Oscar Waylon”, Christian Baker USA
“Strange Music”, Ira Henderson CAN
“The Chicken and the Egg”, Lisa Eismen AUS

“Render”, Surita Parmar CAN
“Mother Will Be So Pleased”, Carrie Ann Lee CAN
“The Great Ghouldini”, Ian Johnston CAN
“May Feign”, Eamon Dolan IRE
“The Visit”, Sundae Jahant-Osborn UK

“The Box Social”, Scott Summerhayes CAN
“13″, Sundae Jahant-Osborn UK
“Near Sighted”, Evan Jobb, CAN
“Teeth”, Andrew Vidgen UK
“Tomorrow, Maybe?”, Nick Andert USA

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