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The nail-biting wait is over. For now, at least.

We started with hundreds from all over the world, slimmed it to 57, next 25 and now settling on these… the final 13.

The difference between being on the top 25 list versus the top 13 was a very VERY close race, with mere points separating the 13 from the 12 scratched from this card. And in several cases, a coin toss was necessary to determine just which scripts advanced.

With competition this stiff, the lead up to the road to Yorkton will be a highly watched one to be sure.

We should also mention, that these 13 scripts are in the running for top prize of $2,500, an Apple iPad and the exclusive Writers Block Crystal Award. It’s also worth mentioning that one of the top three winning scripts will be produced by the CSSC and Year of the Skunk Productions– Just like last year’s MINUS LARA which will be premiering at this year’s Yorkton Film Festival (#yff11) and is among the nominees for the Golden Sheaf Ruth Shaw Award for Best in Saskatchewan.

As well, these lucky 13 scribes will all be invited to attend the Yorkton Film Festival with complimentary accreditation provided to attend the Golden Sheaf Awards gala, as well as be treated to the workshops, panels, films and networking social events taking place during the oldest film festival in North America.

A huge congratulations to all those that made the cut and fingers crossed for those still in the running. We look forward to meeting each of you all in Yorkton.

Ladies and gentlemen, without any further adieu, we present to you the 2010/11 Canadian Short Screenplay Competition’s Top 13 Finalists (in no particular order):

“Shattered Worlds”, Matthew Layden CAN
“The Ridge to the River”, Edmund Jory AUS
“Sudden Death”, Al Kline USA
“Elijah The Prophet”, Zachary Herrmann USA
“Tubby’s Car Project”, Julian Williams UK

“When The Dust Settles”, Suleiman Wali USA
“Strange Music”, Ira Henderson CAN
“The Chicken and the Egg”, Lisa Eismen AUS
“Mother Will Be So Pleased”, Carrie Ann Lee USA
“The Great Ghouldini”, Ian Johnston CAN

“The Box Social”, Scott Summerhayes CAN
“13″, Sundae Jahant-Osborn UK
“Near Sighted”, Evan Jobb, CAN

4 Responses to The Top 13

  1. WinceyWillis says:

    Julian Williams is so deserving of his place in the 13. A talented man who has overcome many hurdles. He works very hard at his craft and is highly thought of by many. The UK should be very proud to have him as a representative.

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