Industry Judges

2009/10 Industry Judges included:

David Carey, Writer and 2nd place winner of 2008 CSSC
Anna Tsouliagiannis, Broadcast Executive and Programmer – Movieola, the Short Film Channel
Josh Strait, Actor and Song Writer

Joanne McDonald, Broadcast Executive – SCN
Stephen Huszar, Producer – Hulo Films
Dillon Andrews, CSSC Social Media Coordinator & Web Entrepreneur

Michael Bien, Producer
Glenn Cockburn & Sheron Scherba, Agents – Meridian Artists
Tyler Ward, Actor

Shaista Ahmed, Series Creator
Laurence Cohen, Director

Jeff Boulton, Producer/Director – Dante Media Group
David Cormican, CSSC Founder & Producer

Short. Is. Better.

Find out how you can become a judge for the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition here.

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