use Student Entry ***ALWAYS $35***

1. Pay through PayPal using the button below.

2. Fill out completely and sign (check) the below registration form here.

Short. Is. Better.

22 Responses to use Student Entry ***ALWAYS $35***

  1. Mark Kudel says:

    Quick questions: does the Special Student Offer price of $35 apply to the final deal line?

  2. You bet! Year round competition savings for students. But you have to keep in mind this only applies to PayPal and mail-in entries.

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  4. i really want to be an actress and i’m going to try anything to do this so please give me a chance

  5. alex porc says:

    So, if I apply on the 31st of January 2011, I’m a student and I pay via PayPal, the fee is only 35$?
    What if I want to submit 2 or even 3 shorts? Will I pay 70 or 105?
    Thank you.

  6. Hi Alex, you are correct! Right up until January 31st you can enter as many student entries as you desire for $35 each. Best of luck and thanks for the interest.

  7. We look forward to your entry! Good luck Shanakay!!

  8. Do international students also get the discount? I am a film student in Brazil…

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  10. Yes. All students worldwide are eligible for the student discount.

  11. Christopher Williamson says:

    I am a student in the UK. What evidence do you need so that I can get the discount?


  12. We’re pretty honest here at the CSSC. If you say you’re a student, we’ll believe you. Submit away good sir, and best of luck.

  13. chaisha says:

    Hi. Are the student scripts treated differently than the regular submissions?

  14. Absolutely not! Each screenplay gets placed under the same level of scrutiny. A good screenplay is a good screenplay, regardless as to who wrote it.

  15. Delanie Tiedemann says:

    Hello. If I’m a film student and I submit with the discount price of $35, what do I send with the script that proves I’m a student or confirms that I am eligible to recieve this discount so that it’s not confused with being a regular submission that didn’t give enough money?

  16. Hi Delanie, No need to send in anything special. When we receive a student entry at the reduced rate of $35.00, we believe you. Looking forward to your script.

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  18. Matt says:

    Hi, I just tried to submit but I’m not sure if the form went through. I hit the submit button, and the page just seemed to freeze. All the fields were filled in. Would I have been taken to a “submission succcessful” page or received a confirmation email. Should I try submitting again? Just want to make sure I’m not double-submitting. Thanks!

  19. It should stay on the same screen and there should be a message that indicates a successful submission near the top of the form.

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  21. Tyson says:

    If I’m an underage student starting high school, does this apply to me?

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