#WW #WriterWednesday

Writer Wednesday. That’s write- er, we mean, right. We started it on Twitter. Or, at least, as far as we know… we did.

August 5th, 2010 was the official one year anniversary of #WW on twitter. Which would make August 5th, 2009 the original date when we posted our very first #WW hashtagged tweet. Oh man, it was sweet. In fact, we saved it ’cause we knew how special that first moment would be.

#WW Writers Wednesday… @shortisbetter I love it… how about
@raingirls @lordlikely @martinus_g @mattmaclennan #film #tv #blog #writing
11:43 AM Aug 5th, 2009 via TweetDeck

So. Who are you gonna tw’ominate* and give some mad props to this Writer Wednesday? Hoist one name high, or spaghetti out a few and see who sticks. Writers are what makes movies go ’round (and twitter too)!

Need some help with some suggestions? There’s the original list from above… or these are a few of our other favs:


Check out our original post announcing the #WW hashtag here.

*Double sweet. I think we just coined the term tw’ominate too!

Tw’ominating. Is. Better.

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