With each iteration of competition, the CSSC grows substantially on all fronts. As the CSSC grows, so does its prestige, reputation, and its exposure that it can offer both up-and-coming and established writers.

Here is but a small sample of the response that the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition gets from its entrants:

An open letter to CSSC Founder, David Cormican, from 2010/11 5th place finalist Julian Williams “Tubby’s Car Project”:

Hi David,

Just had a moment in time. The postman called. I am staring at a cheque. I cried and am still tearful. With joy. I’ll tell you why.

This is the first money I have ever received (EVER) for writing a script. Which leads on to why the CSSC is so vastly important.

As an emerging screen writer this is total validation that the endless days and nights and weeks merging into one – months and years – are worth the journey.

I can only imagine how the other finalists feel. And the winner with a script going into production!

You David. Yes you. Have given emerging writers the opportunity to have a go and have a voice. Without your energy and commitment there would be no CSSC. Instead you have given us all a window – a showcase – an opportunity. An outlet.

David, sorry for being so emotional but I’m marking this year down as the best in my writing life so far.

Looking forward to the WGGB article and have script ideas for next year’s compo.

Be proud that you have created a perfect platform for emerging writers to be taken seriously and have a voice.

I’m privileged to be able to send this email to you.

V best,


“I was searching the internet looking for companies who accepted short screenplay submissions and found the CSSC web-site. I have entered very few writing contests: but this one offered the chance to have the winning script made into a short film. So I decided to take a punt as the contest was open to international submissions. A wise/lucky move on my behalf!” – Neil Graham, 1st place 2009/10 “Something Pointless”.

“[...] I had heard good things about the CSSC — that the people in charge were stand-up and professional — and decided to give it a shot.” – Surita Parmar, 2nd place 2009/10 “Minus Lara”.

“I wanted a reality check. I entered the first short script I’d ever written to last year’s competition because I thought it was actually pretty good and I wanted to check if my story judgment was sound. As it placed fifth, I take it as a divine sign that if I think a script is good, it is. The experience reinforced my long-held secret conviction that I am a genius screenwriter with mad story skills.” – Carolynne Ciceri, two-time top 5 finalist and 1st ever #WriterWednesday Laureate.

When asked if he’d enter CSSC again, Mark Witteveen replied, “Yes, of course. Professional colleagues receptive to my work, script promotion, a film festival, exposure to first-rate talent. Need I go on?”

“We’re delighted by this opportunity to partner with CSSC and their contest which celebrates writing. Writing is an essential skill that we all need to practice on a daily basis,” commented Margaret Eaton, ABC Life Literacy Canada president. “This contribution will support our Family Literacy Day activities which encourage children and parents to spend at least 15 minutes enjoying a learning activity every day.”

@ShortIsBetter You’re unmitigatedly awesome. And at under 5’3″, I agree….short is better!” @SabinaGiado

Want to be yet another satisfied participant? Click here to find out how you can enter the CSSC today.

Short. Is. Better.

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  1. David Gott says:

    I can’t thank David Cormican and the CSSC enough. Taking first this year has been amazing. My head’s still buzzing days later.

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