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The CSSC website receives an average of 191 unique people and over 500 page views each day. The site’s visitors view 14.0 unique pages each day on average. Visitors to the CSSC’s website spend approximately 21 minutes per visit to the site and 43 seconds per page view. Search engines refer approximately ONLY 3% of visits to the site. People know how to find us (or have us bookmarked. We have a lot of loyal followers).

We have over 800 followers on Twitter, over 100 fans on Facebook and the website ranks amongst the top 550K websites in the world and the top 14K within Canada in terms of total web traffic.

Still interested?

Some other details for Patrons (aka. people or companies wishing to advertise with the CSSC), just so you know:

* Packages are sold in quarterly and yearly increments only (ie. 91, 182, 274 and 365 day terms). The term begins the day the ad image is uploaded.
* Patrons have the opportunity to host one giveaway per quarter (although this is not required).
* New patrons receive a focused “welcome” post in THE Blog linking to their respective websites.
* All ad images are prominently displayed in the lucrative right-hand of the top header and appear on every page within this website.
* All ads are displayed on a 4 second repeating rotation/loop and will be capped at a total of 25 maximum advertisers/Patrons ads per loop. This means, that if less than 25 Patrons ads are in rotation, your ad could be displayed more often.
* Additionally, all Patron’s full-colour company logo will appear within the Sponsor page in the order in which they became a sponsor and will remain there for the duration of the advertising contract.


CAD $900 per quarter
CAD $3,600 per year

That’s $300 a month, $10 a day, or roughly $.05 a person for 84 seconds of targeted impression and impact during the average 21 minute visit on the CSSC website.

Still interested?

Contact us now, as spots are limited and available on a first come basis.

We reserve the right to refuse clients that we deem unsuitable matches for our target audience.

For the best resolution possible, ads should be 470 x 198 pixels and no less than 300 dpi. Images may be delivered electronically as PDF’s, JPEG’s, PNG’s or GIF’s.

Short. Is. Better.

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