The Road to Yorkton 2012: Introducing CSSC Finalist Julian Williams

Please Bring A Plate oF SandwichesJulian Williams is one of 13 nominees for this year’s Canadian Short Screenplay Competition’s Top Prize: The Writers Block Crystal.

CSSC Founder, David Cormican, had a chance to catch up with Julian before the big night and ask him about the experience, his script and what’s up next.
Q: What is the name of your nominated screenplay?
A:  Please Bring A Plate Of Sandwiches.

Q: Can you tell people in 50 words or less what it is all about?
A: It’s about breaking away. Finding a new dawn. An enriching journey. Money being purely a metaphor.

Q: Do you remember where you were when you first got the strike of genius/flash of inspiration to write it? Where was that? And could you write it immediately, or did it take a long time?
A: Within myself. Took a lifetime to experience and then about a month to put into words.

Q: How did you find out about the CSSC? And what made you decide to enter?
A: The CSSC is courageous and the man behind, the CSSC to whom I’m addressing this answer, is totally inspiring.

Q: Has your script (or any other scripts of yours), placed in any other festivals or competitions? (please list)
A:  I placed 5th in last year’s CSSC. My proudest achievement to-date.

Q: What does it mean for you and your career to be a Top 13 Finalist in the CSSC?
A: I’ve had trouble with lack of confidence. The CSSC has given me confidence to write and the freedom to do so. Priceless.

Q: Has any of your work ever been produced? (please list)
A: Not yet. Fingers crossed.

Q: What is your favourite short film of all time?
A: I saw Ghost Girl and thought it was outstanding and I’m really excited about seeing Rusted Pyre.

Q: Who is your favourite (screen)writer or author? Why?
A: Ernest Hemingway. Inspirational. And Spike Milligan. Genius. That’s two but imagine if they were one!

Q: What is your favourite word in the English language?
A: Fug.

Q: What is your favourite word in any language?
A: Fug J

Q: Do you have any advice for other writers who may be considering entering the CSSC next year?
A: Just do it. Seriously. I did and last year began a change in me and the way I could write – and the depth of thought I could allow myself to write to. As mentioned before, it’s all to do with confidence. Please, new writers, enter the CSSC. My only tip, apart from the last one (enter the CSSC) is: writing isn’t about filling pages nor throwing a thousand ideas at a wall to see which one sticks. It’s about thinking. Define, refine and go!

About David Cormican

DAVID CORMICAN is an award winning blogger (2010 Canadian Weblog Award winner – best literature & writing category), father, performer, producer and founder of the prestigious Canadian Short Screenplay Competition (CSSC), an organization he formed to showcase and promote emerging screenwriters through recognition and the production of their winning work. In 2010 Cormican was a nominee for the Regina Mayor’s Arts & Business Award for Innovation in the Arts and a recipient of the National Screen Institute’s Drama Prize. In addition to establishing the CSSC's Short Film Fund, he is also a partner with Minds Eye Entertainment where he is in charge of development for the production company’s feature film, television and branded content. Recent producing credits include THE TALL MAN (Jessica Biel) and FACES IN THE CROWD (Milla Jovavich, Julian McMahon) for Minds Eye and RUSTED PYRE (Brooke Palsson, Samantha Somer Wilson) and MINUS LARA (a Bravo!FACT funded short starring Romina D’Ugo) for the CSSC. He is a board member for Regina Downtown Business Improvement District, a counselor for ACTRA Saskatchewan and board member representing the arts portfolio for SaskCulture. He also sits on various committees for SaskFilm, SMPIA and the Canadian Media Producers Association.
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