INTERVIEW: Laurence Cohen on RUSTED PYRE by Telefilm Canada @ Cannes

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Rusted Pyre’s script, written by Daniel Audet, was the third place winner at the Canadian Short Screenplay Competition in 2008. From there, producer David Cormican, also one of the founders of the Competition, recruited Laurence Cohen to bring the script to the screen.

Cohen’s first film, The Rocket Man, was named Best Canadian Short Film at the Okanagan International Film Festival.

Rusted Pyre is set to screen at the CFC’s Worldwide Short Film Festival later this year.

What was your inspiration for this film?
The primary theme of the film, I hope, will be pretty clear by the end of the movie. A small kernel that I wanted to truthfully portray or address in this film is the motivation for risk-taking behaviour or self-destructive tendencies.

Which Canadian actor or actress do you dream of directing and why?
Rachel McAdams is not only beautiful, but good looking, stunning and gorgeous – and I hear she can act pretty darn well too!

Which three words best describe your cinematic style?
Playful, Innovative, Geniu….er… Genuine

Which Canadian film personality would you like to have dinner with and what would you talk about?
James Cameron. He has incredible craft and an expansive knowledge that ranges beyond the film world, into engineering, biology and mythology. I would particularly like to hear anecdotes of leadership, positive or negative, and his notions on sequels.

Which is your favourite film or filmmaker and why?
Braveheart. I’ve seen it at least 30 times and it still enthrals me just the same.

In one word, what does the Cannes Festival represent for you?

About David Cormican

DAVID CORMICAN is an award winning blogger (2010 Canadian Weblog Award winner – best literature & writing category), father, performer, producer and founder of the prestigious Canadian Short Screenplay Competition (CSSC), an organization he formed to showcase and promote emerging screenwriters through recognition and the production of their winning work. In 2010 Cormican was a nominee for the Regina Mayor’s Arts & Business Award for Innovation in the Arts and a recipient of the National Screen Institute’s Drama Prize. In addition to establishing the CSSC's Short Film Fund, he is also a partner with Minds Eye Entertainment where he is in charge of development for the production company’s feature film, television and branded content. Recent producing credits include THE TALL MAN (Jessica Biel) and FACES IN THE CROWD (Milla Jovavich, Julian McMahon) for Minds Eye and RUSTED PYRE (Brooke Palsson, Samantha Somer Wilson) and MINUS LARA (a Bravo!FACT funded short starring Romina D’Ugo) for the CSSC. He is a board member for Regina Downtown Business Improvement District, a counselor for ACTRA Saskatchewan and board member representing the arts portfolio for SaskCulture. He also sits on various committees for SaskFilm, SMPIA and the Canadian Media Producers Association.
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